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  • Taller Is Better

    Unlike other products that can be too short and end up hitting your tableware, our product is designed to provide ample clearance, keeping your table space clean and clutter-free.

  • Wider Deterrent Zone

    Our system covers more table area than our competitor's products. That means less units are needed, less clutter, and less battery maintenance.

  • String Fan vs. Blade Fans

    Competitor's blade fan systems act like a fan that can cool your food. Our string fan system will not produce a strong breeze.

  • Non-Toxic & Safe

    Our fly deterrent fan system is designed with safety in mind and is a great non-toxic solution to keep flies away. If any body part comes into contact with our fan, it will slow down, then resume operation once the obstruction is removed. You can rest easy knowing that your family is protected while enjoying a fly-free environment.

  • Optional Mounting Holes

    Our fly deterrent fan system is built to last with its sturdy construction, but for those extra wild outdoor events, we've included optional mounting holes to give you the flexibility to secure our system even further. This ensures that you can enjoy a fly-free environment no matter where your adventures take you.

  • Low-Maintenance Fan System

    No Fly Zone makes fly control effortless. Simply place it on any table or picnic area where food is present, flip the switch, and watch it keep flies away. With no assembly required and only one D cell battery needed, our low-maintenance system is perfect for any meal.

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