What Makes Our System The Best?

We truly believe our fly deterrent fan system is superior than any other system available in the USA. We designed this system for our family and now we've made it available for yours!

Taller Is Better

Other products are too short and often hit tableware, taking up table-space and creating clutter. 

Wider Deterrent Zone

Our system covers more table area than our competitor's products. That means less units are needed, less clutter, and less battery maintenance.

Safe for Children

If any body part get's in the way of our fan you will feel a very gentle tap, then our fan get's back to work. 

String Fan vs. Blade Fans

Competitor's blade fan systems literally act like a fan that cools your food. Our string fan system will not produce a strong breeze.


Our system is extremely sturdy as is, but if your outdoor events get extra wild we've provided optional mounting holes to further secure our system.


Simply place No Fly Zone on any table or picnic area where food is near, flip the switch, and say goodbye to flies. Virtually maintenance free, no assembly required, only needs one D cell battery.